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Why study at Bridge

Practical Classes & Real World Skills


Bridge has an education program that develops you for the real world. Learning activities are all designed to ensure that you are able to be effective immediately in today’s workforce.


Our Business, Accounting, Marketing, HR and Tourism programs all provide you with a nationally recognised qualification and a wide choice of careers. Bridge places great importance on producing work ready graduates our practical scenarios, case study method, workplace simulations, project work, enterprise skills and hands-on tasks all prepare you for the 21st Century workplace.


Practical, engaging, useful and interesting program

1. Case Studies

2. Role Play

3. Project Based Learning

4. Work Environment Simulation

Tradition, Quality & Reliability

Bridge was established 28 years ago in 1991. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business college. All our courses are registered with the Australian Government and our qualifications are recognised throughout the country. Our professional standards ensure that all students in all classes are being taught accordingly.

Bridge has built a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. We welcome students from all over the world to our college. We have trained more than 20.000 students over since our inception.  Our surveys show that our students are satisfied with our services, program and teachers and would opt for us again.

Quality Assurance

Bridge has ISO9001 certification which means we are an internationally recognised organisation, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to quality management and continuous improvement, as to provide better training outcomes for our students.

Flexible Intakes, Timetables & Payment options

Bridge has a commitment to working with you to achieve your goals. Bridge has eight intakes per year to ensure maximum opportunities to match your course commencement with your schedule. Our block timetable system offers the choice of daytime or evening study as well as morning, afternoon or evening blocks. Bridge Business College works hard to ensure that our courses offer the best possible value for money. Our fees are reasonable and our flexible payment plans offer you the ability to pay in instalments.

 Simulated Work Program 


Bridge Business College Simulated Work Program is an opportunity for students to work in a professional working environment within the Australian context. Our program is conducted internally and allows students to work in two areas of the College: Customer service and Academic department.

Friendly, Supportive & Understanding Environment


Bridge places great importance on looking after our students. If you speak with any of our students, you will find that we are always there to help with college issues or any other matter. We also have multilingual staff so communication is not a problem.


If you need any help with your enrolment, accommodation or finding your way around Sydney. Ask for our help as we are here for you.

University Pathways  


Bridge is an accredited approved provider which means we are part of the Australian Qualification Framework. Students who receive Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas are eligible to apply for credit to any Australian University.