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Training Delivery & Assessment

Module Classes

Style: On-campus “face to face” class

Class size: Medium – up to 50 (average 25) students per class

Module classes often contain a short presentation followed by discussion among participants to expand their knowledge and strengthen your skills.

  • Provide action sessions where new content is introduced and ‘soft skills’ are developed through practical interactive group work activities
  • There are a wide variety of in-class learning methods including case study scenarios, field trips, role plays, pair and group work, team discussions, presentations, real-work projects, quizzes and formative activities
  • Give you instructions and assistances for undertaking competence assessment tasks

Project Classes

Style: On-campus “face to face” class

Class size: Small – up to 25 students (average 10 students) per class

Project classes allow you to complete formative and summative assessment work using Bridge’s online Learning Management System (BLMS) while receiving full support from your trainer. Project classes are offered throughout the week so that each class is small and you can attend sessions at a time that matches your schedule.

  • Trainers ensure that you have fully mastered all aspects of your unit of study
  • You can work through feedback provided by trainers
  • To support you individually if resubmission is required



Style: On-campus “face to face” class

Class size: Small – up to 25 students (average 10 students) per class

In addition to your program, you will have the opportunity to join a variety of extra-curricular workshops delivered face-to-face on campus and it is available for all Bridge students regardless of the courses you are enrolled in.

Bridge Workshops provide you with hands-on practice and feedback to deepen your skills in specific areas. Also it is a great opportunity to interact with smaller groups and a great way to meet like-minded fellow students.


  • Job hunting techniques and resume preparation
  • Small business start-up skills
  • Digital marketing and online promotion
  • Official English exam (IELTS and PTE) and literacy improvement

Enterprise Skills

Style: On-campus and/or Off-campus

Class size: Individual support to very small group

Bridge is powered by LinkedIn Learning and Bridge Enterprise Skills supplement our classroom learning experience with integration to LinkedIn Learning library.

With over 9000 career focused current industry programs Bridge can customise your own personal learning pathway to match your ability, interests and career goals in the most effective way.

  • Being taught by industry experts leads to an increase in your employment opportunities and greater job performance
  • This is designed for all levels of learners, it provides you with a range of technical and knowledge skills
  • It’s available 24/7 from the Bridge Business College Blended learning management system [BLMS]. You can track your own progress and contact your learning supervisor
  • Our trainers can support you on campus

Sample Timetable

Every term you choose the classes and set up your schedule around the subjects within your course.

Class Times

  • Our classes are scheduled between Monday and Friday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and Saturday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm.
  • Full-time study requires minimum of 20 scheduled hours per week, 15 hours on-campus and 5 hours completed by off-campus

* Schedule is a sample only and may vary.

If you would like to find out more, please talk to our student services team.