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Principals Message

Welcome from the Principal

The Management and staff of Bridge Business College extend a warm welcome to you.

We are truly committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the provision of education and training so that you receive every opportunity to achieve your full potential during your time with us.

The staff at the college are here to respond to your individual needs. To us, you are more than a student – you are part of the Bridge family. We hope that you enjoy your study time with us and if you are an International student, we hope that you make the most of life in Australia and remember the good times for many years to come.

Our Beginnings

The College was established in 1991, initially as a College to assist Australians in need of job skills for employment, the College then branched into International education providing for students travelling to Australia on study visa’s, this year we are celebrating our 26th year of operation.

Known to our students as ‘BBC’ or ‘Bridge’, our name was inspired by the view from our first campus in East Circular Quay of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. After Circular Quay, Bridge moved to the Imperial Arcade in Pitt Street Mall Sydney. I remember the last days of the Imperial Arcade,  sitting at my desk, I could feel the vibrations of the demolition crews working only a few floors above constructing the latest Westfield shopping centre, we then moved to our location at 333 Kent St, a university campus site covering 5 floors. In 2017 Bridge has moved again, this time to a brand new, modern campus on York Street.

Bridge is a unique college with a history and many stories to tell. Over the years we have built a character and like all of us have gone through our growth spurts, our terrible teens, and now like a young adult, we stand ready for the new challenges that life brings. Bridge is now a well-established college with an abundance of resources and experience that guarantees your time at Bridge will be a richly rewarding one.

The College is a big, friendly, busy and helpful place. When you emerge from the elevators the first thing you’ll see is the large reception counter running about 7 metres long. There are always two or three reception staff waiting to greet you and happily help you with anything. There is often a theme running at the reception (or on our Facebook page), either an Australian national day or a foreign one. Everyone learns something about everyone else’s culture. Did you know that Thai New Year is called ‘Songkran’ and is celebrated on April 14th by throwing water around?

The College reception and recreation areas are of the open plan style which gives you a feeling of space, we have open learning spaces for student project learning as well, students are able to collaborate and work together in a comfortable environment. Student Services are standing by to help you with all your student requirements from printing simple documents to assisting with your study timetable.

Pastoral Care

Our students come from over 60 different countries and every one of them has a story to tell. If you read about international education in the newspaper, the discussion is rightly framed around economics, student numbers, the quality of education and migration. Rarely does the newspaper look behind the figures and see the tangle of humanity that is living here. We understand our students are also brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. The untold stories are as varied as the students; there are real stories of overcoming difficulties and stories of success that bring a deep sense of satisfaction to me personally that what we do here is a good thing. We are a great College but we are so much more than just a College – we are a place where students can live with understanding and be given a chance to receive some of the most important lessons of all, the lessons of life.

Domestic Students

Domestic students are off to a great career start when they come to BBC, here you will have an opportunity to mix with a wide variety of cultures from around the world in one classroom. In an increasingly globalised world this interaction will provide an invaluable advantage for those students wishing to pursue business across international borders. I firmly believe that Bridge’s International environment is our great strength. Many an enduring friendship has been made between students of different backgrounds and cultures.

Skills and Knowledge

The courses we run are designed to be practical. As well as the Government approved training, there are a variety of short courses on offer. Our aim is to provide you with the practical skills that will get you a job as well as give you the knowledge that allows you to grow within the organisation you are working for.

At Bridge you will receive a quality education. Our entire program has been designed and developed by our team in the training department; our course materials are regularly checked so as to continually improve your learning experience. At Bridge we have your interests at heart.

Our Future Together

We hope to become a part of your life journey. For our part, we are a committed trusted partner that you can rely on long after your course has finished. See you at the College!