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Bridge is a unique college and I know that you are unique as well.

Success comes from the skills that all of us possess but many of us rarely use: curiosity, belief in yourself, resilience, problem solving, creativity and the ability to communicate effectively. With these skills you will land on your feet every time… I guarantee it.

When I reflect on my own life experience, the quality that has stood me in good stead is the ability to accept and adapt to change as it occurs. In my youth I travelled the world and Australia and, despite many close calls and hair-raising experiences, was never without a meal or a bed – learning how to be resilient has given me the confidence to know that I was always going to succeed.

In my working life I have never been unemployed. My commitment to the job at hand and curiosity to learn from my boss, to understand the workings of their business has always led to promotion. I was the person who could be relied on.

Workers and entrepreneurs now need to be lifelong learners. With the pace of technological change in our modern world we need to rapidly ac- quire new knowledge in small doses more often. The days of one lumpy course of study that takes many years to complete are now long gone.

At Bridge, as well as our catalogue of nationally accredited training qualifications, we have over 10,000 courses via our partnership with Linked In. Our programs will provide you with the hard knowledge you need to understand the world of work and the soft skills that allow you to negotiate change and win over the people you are likely to meet. The best thing of all is that we design a learning pathway that matches your interests and ability.

Our programs are designed to deliver a return on your investment which means a job now and confidence for a lifetime.