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Polish your Resume

New year has started and that’s the perfect time to set up your  goals and start making them reality. Many people write new year’s resolutions, as January is the month that gets us thinking about what we have done and where are we going. New job, career development, new skills are usually on our January to-do list.

So, if you have decided that this will be the year when you finally land that cool job, wait no longer. For a start, open your resume and refresh the content to get you started.

Refresh the content

Add your latest job with its detailed descriptions. Don’t be shy on your accomplishments, even if you just completed your latest project within timeframe. Make sure that all your latest accomplishments are listed first, so the reader can get a proper sense of time.

Don’t forget the soft skills

Soft skills are gaining on relevancy and employers love individuals who have well developed communication skills, organising, who know how to deal with stress, negotiate and are good team players. Make sure they are included in your job descriptions and tasks as well, not just in a separate section. Include all the workshops and courses you have taken recently and demonstrate the value to your skill set.

Optimise for keyword search

You are probably aware that many recruiters and big companies use systems for key word search that matches your resume with job description. Unless you tick the boxes, you may not get noticed in the screening process. If you are the right fit for the job, make sure that your resume resonates the expectations. Key words and phrases are a must if you want to receive interview invitation. But as always, be careful not use the descriptions you can’t deliver upon.

Keep it simple

When choosing the formatting, keep it simple. Stick to the templates and choose a font that is easy to read.  Don’t use too many colours and graphics (unless you are a designer), as the recruiters and HR managers are used to reading standard formats. Modern, clean and well organised resume is all your need.

Consistency throughout

Consistency does not apply only to formatting of your resume, but also the content. If you are using LinkedIn, make sure your resume matches your profile description. Staying truthful is a must, and as much as you feel compelled to tailor your resume to every interesting job offer, it’s not such a good idea if you have to use too much of your imagination.


Make sure you properly check for spelling mistakes or any other errors that may occurred during your writing process. It is always a good idea to ask someone to read after you as they may spot something you missed. But definitely you would want to send a resume that is error free.





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