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Bridge Business College delivers high-quality vocational training programs

Bridge Business College is a registered training organisation (RTO) and CRICOS provider

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What is a VET?

VET stands for Vocational education and training also known as vocational training. VET focuses on teaching practical work skills so you are ready to work in the real world, VET is different to University. Universities tend to follow a theory based curriculum which may leave graduates unprepared for the real world. TAFE is a well understood example of a VET training provider. Bridge Business College is like TAFE only we are privately owned. TAFE is government owned.

VET is an integral part of the Australian Governments post-secondary education framework. VET is designed to teach practical workplace skills which allow graduates to transition into the workplace quickly and effortlessly. VET programs are suitable for all Australians including school leavers who seek an alternative to theory based University programs as well as mature aged workers seeking to re-join the workplace or to acquire new skills for a new career path.

Our priority at Bridge is to deliver high-quality professional training programs by trainers who are passionate about VET and providing a caring supportive learning environment.

Start your career with a recognised VET qualification

Why study a Vocational course?

  • When you compare prices with University, VET is very affordable. VET is also quick, a program at BBC can be completed within 12 months (or less in some cases). This is ideal for those who want to start working and earning a wage sooner.
  • Vocational qualifications allow for progression. You may wish to start with a simpler Certificate II and then progress to Certificate III and onward to a full Advanced Diploma, the choice is yours. You can leave and return to your VET pathway at any time.
  • Vocational teaching methods include case studies, and role plays. This makes a VET program more practical and much more satisfying than writing a 3000-word University essay. The course you learn in a VET program can be readily applied to your workplace situation.
  • A VET qualification is nationally recognised by employers and Universities. This means that an employer will understand you have completed a post-secondary tertiary qualification and a University will give you course credit should you wish to go on to University study.

Which qualification level to study?

Certificates I-IV are the basic qualifications and prepare candidates for both employment and further education and training. Certificates I-II are focused on basic vocational skills and knowledge. Certificates III-IV deliver training in more advanced skills and knowledge.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses take between one and two years to complete, and are considered to be a step prior to study at degree level. They are focused on developing specialised and broad knowledge and skills.

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system. More information on AQF levels:















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