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Inspiration drives creativity

How do we foster creativity? Motivation and inspiration go hand in hand. When you are inspired, you increase your level of creativity. You should not simply wait for inspiration to find you. You need to get in touch with what you are passionate about and what inspires you. By finding ways to increase your inspiration, you will increase your creativity and help find the motivation that you need.

Introspection – What inspires you?

Introspection is the process of self-examination, which helps people understand what inspires them. Introspective individuals are in tune with their feelings, thoughts, and what motivates their behavior. The art of introspection requires people to take the time to question what they want and how they feel, which is easy to overlook in today’s fast paced society. Activities such as journaling and meditation will help facilitate the process of introspection. Once people become aware of their thoughts and feelings, they will be in a better position to increase their creativity and achieve their goals.

Read More to Feel Inspired

Reading stimulates thinking and is an important tool to improve creativity. When choosing reading material, be sure to include fictional works because they engage the imagination. Look for stories that you find inspirational, and carve out the time to read them. Begin your reading regime by setting realistic goals. If goals are not realistic, you will not read more. You do not need to carve out hours of reading time. Simply set aside 15 minutes a day to read and find your inspiration.

Remove the Mental Block

Everyone faces mental blocks from time to time. These blocks will prevent focusing, finding answers to problems, discovering inspiration, and achieving goals. Overcoming mental blocks is difficult but it can be done. If you find yourself blocked, stop and refocus by doing something distracting. Consider the following techniques to refocus and overcome the mental blocks:
• A change of scenery (someplace relaxing or inspirational)
• Meditate
• Read
• Busy work
• Exercise

Art Inspires Art

Art is inspirational, and throwing yourself into art will inspire your own creativity. Simply exposing yourself to random art is not enough to inspire you. You must find the art that speaks to you. Whether you choose photography, sculpture, painting, dance, theater, music, or computer graphics, there is something to inspire everyone. The art that inspires you does not need to be directly connected to what you do; it simply needs to be inspiring. Once you find the art forms that inspire you, immerse yourself in them. Listen to an inspirational song on the way to work or flip through pictures during lunch breaks. Taking the time to immerse yourself in art will help you find the inspiration that you need to think creatively.

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