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Creating a Productive Workspace

In order to be the most productive that you can be, you must create the appropriate environment. This blog will give you some ideas for creating an effective, ergonomic workspace in any working setting.

Setting Up the Physical Layout

One key aspect of an effective workspace is the physical layout. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your chair provides sufficient support.
  • If possible, position the desk so that it receives maximum natural light. Make sure that light doesn’t point at the monitor or in your face.
  • Keep your desk as clear as possible. Store tools and papers where they belong. Make a habit of cleaning off your desk at the end of each day.
  • Do a complete clean and reorganization of your workspace once or twice a year.
  • Place the telephone within easy reach. Keep mugs and glasses away from electronics.
  • Try to have an area for your computer and an empty workspace. L-shaped desks are ideal for this.
  • Make your workspace a pleasant place to be. Plants, pictures, unlit candles, and small fishbowls are ideal for any work area. (If you’re bringing items into an office, check company policy first.)
  • Focus on the changes that you can make. Keep your eyes open for new ideas.
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