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10 Study Tips for Online Learning

We have prepared some tips for Bridge Business College students to faster adapt to online learning:

Set up a dedicated learning space

You will need a study space or a room set up as your workspace: a table, a chair to support your posture and good lighting.

Consider your background

Consider what may be behind you if you are going to be using video to join classes.

Set up technology 

A webcam, speakers, or laptop camera will be necessary to join classes, although you can use your mobile phone too. Check you wi-fi connection, login to your BLMS and access ZOOM links to join your classes. 

Use a mute button

Whenever you are joining online classes and you are not required to speak, it’s a good practice to mute your background sounds.

Be on time

Set up a daily list of tasks you need to do related to your study. If you are required to join classes on a scheduled time, make sure you ready to start on time. Use a calendar and set up reminders to keep on track.


Be active 

Take notes, participate in discussions/ chats, ask questions, use this opportunity to interact with your class. 

Be proactive 

Reflect on what you have learned, research and explore the topics learned further. Review extra resources recommended by your trainer to broaden your knowledge and gain new skills. Do an Enterprise skills course or recommended LinkedIn Learning courses related to your study topic. Both are available once you login to BLMS. 

Stick to deadlines 

Upload your assessment weekly on time to receive feedback from your trainer and to maintain your academic progress.

Look after your health

Make sure you eat well and regularly, keep hydrated, exercise and stay home if possible. Practice social distancing whenever outside, keep your hands clean at all times to protect yourself and others. 

Stay connected 

Stay connected with the College, your class mates and your trainers. Check your email, student portal, BLMS and social media channels daily to stay updated.


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