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The Importance of Communication

Have you ever really thought about the importance of being a good communicator?

Without having fundamental communication skills, your future career opportunities will be limited, you might stay in the kitchen washing dishes or mixing cement for the rest of your life…. hands up who wants that?

Young students building a career or thinking about their future, concentrate on what to study or the industry they would like to join. While these are important things to consider on your success journey, the ‘X’ factor that all successful people have in common is the art of communication. And believe me, communication is an art.

In its simplest form, communication is about getting a clear message across so people understand you, it is also about being a good listener and understanding what other people need. Communication skills also include the way you speak, the words you use, the tone of your voice and even your body language.

Employer surveys rank communication skills at the top of their list of skills required by their employees. Good communication skills are an essential requirement to get your first job, build your career and eventually, to become a leader.

Communication as part of being a leader

The great leaders of our time have been able to inspire and move people and nations to achieve great things through their ability to capture the mood of their audience through the art of speech craft.

Students should study the work of Martin Luther King and his speeches that inspired the civil rights movements of the 1960’s most notably, his speech: ‘I have a dream’; or the emotional impact of Abraham Lincoln’s speech, the ‘Gettysburg Address’ when he wrote that ‘all men are created equal’ –  these speeches inspired nations and changed the course of history.

Any student who aspires to be a leader, has to first be an effective communicator. Anyone who wants to climb the career ladder must first learn the art of communication.

Students are welcome to join our ‘Speechcraft Workshop’ on Wednesday night at BBC. In the workshop you will learn the essentials of good communication and leadership skills. At the workshop you’ll learn such things as

  1. Types of speeches

We’ll practice three types of speeches

  • How to give information
  • Training to persuade people
  • Moving people to action
  1. Delivery Techniques
    • Posture
    • Voice inflection and voice projection
    • Body language
    • Maximising audience impact – ensure the audience is moved, reading the audience and involving the audience.
  2. Content Development
    • Development content of the speech.
  3. Grammar, diction and sound


Come to Speech Craft,  All Welcome

When:                 Thursday Nights Term 5 /2017

Where:               Bridge Business College Level 9 /11 York St Sydney

Who with:         Nelson and other future world leaders

See you there…

Kiaran Green is the Principal at  Bridge Business College.   





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