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The General English program at Bridge English College

The General English program at Bridge English College uses syllabus that is perfectly balanced with extensive resources at all levels for students.

The core text used consists of an in-depth treatment of grammar with integrated skills throughout the teaching and are fully supported in print, on disc and online. It prepares a student to build a solid foundation and confidence, through challenges to make real progress, stretching all the way to a more complex and natural way to use English in daily lives. The program helps you to develop confidence in English communication by practising the skills you need to interact with individuals accurately and fluently in context.

Various weekly themed topics address different target languages (Grammar) which is input towards the skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) development at levels from Elementary to Upper Intermediate.  Computer classes, Specialisation classes, excursions and social activities are also regularly arranged for students.

Courses start every Monday and can last between 4 and 48 weeks. Students do a Placement test followed by an interview with the Academic Manager. Based on the test results, the students will be placed in the appropriate class from Elementary to Upper Intermediate.



At the Elementary level you will learn the basics of grammar such as adjectives, verbs and prepositions and the simple tenses. You will learn the vocabulary needed to have a conversation in common everyday situations such as shopping, mealtimes, catching public transport and using polite requests. Introducing and talking about yourself as well as being able to ask someone simple questions is what you will be able to do confidently when you complete this level.


At the Pre-Intermediate level you will continue to learn the basics of grammar such as adverbs and phrasal verbs and more tenses. You will learn the vocabulary needed to have a conversation in situations such as talking about interests, daily routines and types of jobs. You will be able to talk about events in the past and the future with more confidence.


At the Intermediate level you will learn advanced grammatical structures such as compound nouns, idioms and the perfect tenses. You will learn vocabulary for job seeking, giving an opinion about different topics and be more confident to hold a conversation with native speakers. You will also learn to give more detailed descriptions and recounts of a story.


At the Upper Intermediate level you will learn the very advanced grammatical structures to write a formal job application, a letter of complaint or a newspaper article. You will also be able to express your ideas in a variety of situations and on a wide range of topics. Reading and writing different text types are developed at this level.



Business English (Intermediate – Upper Intermediate)

The language of business includes making a complaint, a proposal or analysis. Learn how to write a formal memo and email. Learn vocabulary to deal with business correspondence and meetings.

Job Seeking Skills (Intermediate – Upper Intermediate)

Learn to write an application and a CV. Practise interview techniques and find out where and how you can look for a job.


IELTS Preparation (Intermediate – Upper Intermediate)

Students learn the skills required to study and understand academic English and feel confident in approaching different sections of the IELTS exam. Each class will focus on a different section of the IELTS exam.

Pronunciation and Speaking through Music (Elementary – Upper Intermediate)

Students always worry about their pronunciation and how their own accent affects being understood when speaking English. This class will work on solving that problem by providing techniques to improve pronunciation.


Informal Australian Slang (Pre-Intermediate – Upper Intermediate)

Learn common vocabulary and expressions to have a conversation with native speakers in informal situations. Students also learn more about the Aussie culture and way of life.

Drama (Elementary – Upper Intermediate)

Learning English through drama is so much fun. Students will be able to create their own scenes and scripts and feel more confident when speaking in different situations.


Class Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 – 10:40 Core Class: Covers Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
Morning Break
11:00 – 12:40 Integrated Reading / Listening / Writing in line with the theme topic and language coverage for the week
Lunch Break
13:20 -15:00 Conversation / Pronunciation and Speaking / Specialised Classes (incl. IELTS, Conversation and speaking, Pronunciation and Job skills development with extended grammar and stress & intonation patterns in everyday formal and informal contexts.

English Plus Business Package Courses are available

General English also provides the language skills required to prepare you for successful entry into BBC’s Vocational Programs.

Obtain both English and Business skills for your future!



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