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It is incredible how quickly technology and the internet has changed our everyday lives in such a short space of time. 17 years ago, at my  first full-time office job, we had no internet access and the only email available was internal.  All client communications were by phone, fax or courier. I also remember that the term “just Google it” did not exist, social media was non-existent and mobile phones did not fit in your pocket and were used purely to speak to people!  To some, this period is known as  “The Dinosaur Age”.

As I completed my marketing degree before the “Google” revolution – the question is, does this mean my qualifications are null and void?  In essence, no.    The theory and foundations of marketing still remain  yet, educational institutions must constantly adapt their course content and assessments to maintain industry relevance and interest for the students.  After all, what is the point of education, if it will not help students apply their learnings in a practical and current environment?

Many of us know of people who have started or contemplated  the idea of starting their own on-line business? There has been a significant rise in the number of small business start-ups which, I believe is due to the digital age and a cultural lifestyle shift. Technology and the internet have created so many opportunities for small business due to the wide reaching audience for products and services, the lower cost of entry and overheads and the ease to set up.  Gone are the days when small business owners needed to borrow large sums of money from the bank, rent office space and hire permanent staff and ultimately, had to expect no profit for at least 2 years.  Now, you can simply create your own on-line business within minutes  whilst sitting on the couch in your pyjamas – as long as you have a computer and decent internet access.

So, if more people are looking to start their own business, why are educational institutions not responding to this demand and teaching their students how to do this? There are hundreds of “on-line” courses to show you how to become an entrepreneur, make a million dollars as a blogger, sell products on eBay……the list is endless. However, how do you really know which of these are credible and effective?  In addition, these courses usually do not comply with Australian standards as well as, do not equate to the formal qualifications which is so often required.

I have worked in marketing roles across various organisations, and have been running my own on-line business for a number of years. It has been an interesting, sometimes frustrating yet  rewarding journey through all the trial, errors and success. I have attended a number of face-to-face and online courses to educate myself about the many digital platforms in the market, trends and on-line marketing tactics. Although continuing my education was important to keep up to date, it would have been very helpful if, I had access to an accredited, genuine digital marketing course before I set up my own business.

I was highly impressed with the  Bridge Business College Management Team  who asked me to assist in developing their new Certificate IV in Marketing, which will be launched this month.  This innovative, accredited course is designed to help students understand the current and emerging trends in digital marketing principles and platforms  and effectively, start their own on-line business.  Not only is this an accredited course but the course, is very practical in its’ learning applications which makes for an engaging and relevant learning environment. The course will cover a number of relevant topics  – ‘New Product Research’, ‘ Creating a Website’,  ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, ‘ Social Media Marketing”  and many more relevant topics.

So, stop searching Google for the answer.  The answer is here at Bridge Business College.  This is the perfect accredited course for those who wish to start their own online business or for those who simply wish to become a savvy marketing professional.

Isabelle Durkin is a Trainer at Bridge Business College.


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