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Bridge Business College: Institution Summary

1. History, exchange of ownership and development timeline

Bridge Business College (called ‘Bridge’ or ‘BBC’) was established in 1991 as a privately owned RTO. The college initially worked with government employment agencies delivering training to the unemployed. Bridge then developed a program for international students.

Bridge has built a strong reputation for providing excellent service to students and for being a unique college. What makes us unique is the culture of our organisation; our mission is to help students take the next step in their personal life journey. After 21 years we are one of the oldest CRICOS providers in Australia.

In 2005, there was a change of ownership and a new management team was appointed. In recent years Bridge has achieved significant growth and boasts one of the best academic programs on offer for students today.

Bridge has over 61 different nationalities of students and is currently expanding into new markets in Europe and Northern Asia. Bridge continues to look for innovative ways to maintain growth and relevance in a dynamically changing world.

2. Courses offered

Bridge today is a well-known industry brand name providing vocational education and training to international students in Australia in the field of business. Other courses offered by Bthe college are in the fields of Human Resourses, Tourism and English (ELICOS). We offer various courses up to  Diploma level. Via our University Pathway program, students who successfully complete our diploma can receive credit and articulate directly into university.

3. Location

Bridge is located in the heart of Sydney at 333 Kent Street and occupies 5 floors. Our modern premises are spacious and comfortable and only meters away from Darling Harbour, one of Sydney’s premier tourist attractions.

4. Achievements

Bridge has been awarded ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system. This is your guarantee that Bridge is a college that operates to international quality standards.

Bridge also has the distinction of having a team of in-house assessment developers, who have created our own complete range of academic activity books (STAR Books). STAR books have been designed for students who speak English as a second language.

STAR books follow the government’s curriculum. All students in all classes are given a quality assured program that is standardised and continuously validated. Our team of dedicated and experienced trainers are committed to delivering the program to industry standards.

5. Ownership

The College is 100% Australian owned and operated.

6. Academic Calendar and Timetable

Bridge runs its programs on a term by term basis; there are 8 terms per year. Each term consists of 6 weeks. We have morning, afternoon and evening classes which allow students to juggle work and study commitments. The College is closed for four weeks over the Christmas / New Year period in December. See our courses page.

7. Our Organisation

Bridge has a highly qualified and experienced management team with a broad organisational structure.

Principal – Kiaran Green

Deputy Principal – Veena Ram

Academic Department

Finance Department

Human Resources Department

IT Department

Language Department

Student Services Department

8. Strategic intent

Our main strategic intent is to provide international and domestic students with quality education to help them achieve their career goals in life.

9. List of strengths

One of the college's greatest strengths is cultural diversity and reputation for service. The college enrolls and provides education to students from 61 different countries.

Our real strength is our staff. We have a dedicated team of teachers, developers and other staff members who continously strive on a daily basis so as to achieve a common objective of providing quality education with a strong emphasis on customer needs and service.

10. Professional Development

Bridge places great importance on staff training and development. Trainers regularly attend workshops run at the college and are encouraged to explore their own professional development. Bridge currently employs 100 full time and part time staff. All our staff are highly dedicated and support the Bridge ethic of committment to our students.

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